Humidifier new standards for service to the community

Standard operation of the humidifier, standard humidification capacity, noise, evaporator core (Manager), water softener performance and service life using life, display control functions are provided. This is China's first household humidifier performance standards. Humidifier humidifier efficiency rating, based on a variety of types, from low to high energy consumption is divided into a, b, c, d grade. Various types of humidifier humidifier efficiency should not be lower than the grade d, except for humidifier with air purification function, in addition, to achieve the humidifier functions other than the consumption of electricity is not included in the calculation. It is understood that when the humidifier is standard in the development, tests on many products on the market, the vast majority of products are able to meet that standard. The humidification capacity ≤ 350mL/h ultrasonic humidifier, for example, standards for its noise limits for 38dB (a). A certain standard-setting participant said: "usually, noise limits for such products on the market are set at 35 dB (a) within some product use noise limits in 30 dB (a). "Remove the humidification efficiency and noise limit values, the humidifier humidifier evaporator core (Manager) and the water softener and other details required by the performance. China household electric appliances to the electrical engineer Sun Peng, a researcher at a reporter showed the new standard's focus on product details: "water quality in the North hard, humidifier, prone to calcium and magnesium deposits at work, therefore, the humidifier water softener features request is necessary, we with full testing and demonstration, defines the specific data. "On new standards for the humidifier market of norm function, strong song gave a very positive evaluation:" this can prevent some of the excessive use of publicity stunt to confuse consumers. Some humidifiers have only soft water features, hype, there are new standards, this situation can be avoided. "He stressed that new standard is a threshold, but the threshold is not high, was intended to" cut off "those products not regulated manufacturer. In addition, the standards that apply to the humidifier for household and similar use, also apply to the use of humidifiers in public, but often were not subject to corrosive and explosive gases (such as dust, steam and gas) specific environmental sites using the humidifier. Participation in standard-setting song Liqiang, Director of the China household electrical appliances inspection, a researcher at believes that publication of the humidifier can effectively regulate the market and protect the interests of consumers.