Humidifier the working principles and methods of use

household humidifier humidifier and industry there are three common types, namely, ultrasonic humidifier, electric heated humidification machine, wet-film evaporative type humidifier and clean the humidifier.

   ultrasonic humidifier has been listed for years, using ultrasonic high frequency oscillation principle, water mist into 1~5 μ m ultrafine particles, mist diffusion through the pneumatic device into the air and reach the goal of uniform heating of moist air. Ultrasonic humidifier wet strength, wet uniform humidification efficiency high and has the advantage of saving, long life, has been very popular.

  ultrasonic humidifier but the disadvantage is obvious, and that is has certain requirements for water quality. A new generation of ultrasonic humidifier, humidity control is used, along with climate change and automatically adjust the humidification capacity, using the principle of balancing the environment relative humidity control in the most appropriate between 45% and 65%RH. When the relative humidity is above the set ceiling h, the humidifier will automatically stop wetting,

the environment has always been in a State of humidity, the shop floor can also be cool and wet. In addition to daily air humidification this humidification machine, beauty bath can also be used to surface.

electric heating humidifier is the most simple way of humidification, heating element heats the water to the boiling point, produces water vapor is released into the air.

water not required, but the disadvantage is that high energy consumption, not dry, the safety coefficient is low, heater easy scaling.

pure humidifier is wet just the use of new technologies in the field, through evaporation of molecular sieve to remove the calcium and magnesium ions in the water, solve water quality caused by poor "powdery mildew" problem. By water washing air humidification of the air at the same time, purifying the air, then by a pneumatic device will wet the clean air to the Interior, thereby enhancing the ambient humidity. This humidifier can also filter the air and kill bacteria not only humidified purer also to water washing the air effectively eliminate air pollution, promote indoor air circulation, better guarantee human health, reduce the probability of respiratory tract infection.

is high pressure spray humidifier humidifier filters, pumps, water tanks, a control box installed in the workshop or in the engine room, the spray system (nozzles, piping), installed on the top of the workshop an enthalpy wet way. This added wet way is will tap water by added wet machine host booster and through Super fine filter Hou, after special of nozzle atomization high-speed spray out, formed 5~10 μ m of mist particles, and flow of air for hot wet Exchange, absorption air in the of heat, vaporization, and evaporation, makes air of humidity increased, achieved on air of added wet processing, while up to cooling control dust of role.

for central air conditioning machine of wet film evaporation type added wet machine of work principle is simple, water from wet film of top Department through sparse water device along wet film of corrugated surface uniform shed, makes wet film from Shang to Xia uniform of wet, dang dry of hot air through wet film of surface, on will and wet film in the of water for hot Exchange, water heated evaporation into steam into air among, increased has air of humidity,

to makes dry of hot air into clean wet of air.

wet film material (also known as the "race-Decker") is the core of wet-membrane humidifier, it is based on fiber base material, after sintering to form special composition of resin polymer composite of corrugated plate overlapping, highly absorbent, disadvantage is the self cleaning ability and remove the mold.