Purchase humidifier where confidential aspects?

according to the survey, consumers buy humidification machines, tend to be from the start, rather than starting from the various aspects of its functionality and performance. Humidifier diagrams and make a purchase? Humidification of Sichuan and Beijing science and technology is a professional machine, let their experts tell you that several aspects.

1, check the air guide plate and the appearance of the humidifier. View from outer to humidifier humidifier parts, see if the humidifier works fine, the surface is smooth enough, the color is uniform. Humidifier plated surfaces should be smooth, cannot appear to fall off, revealing the bottom and scratches, and so on. For windshields check, to see if it would swing above and below, not too tight or too loose, positioning can be allocated to any position, not the phenomenon of automatic shifting.

2, check the humidifier's function keys and knobs. Check the humidifier knobs on the Panel is flexible enough, will loose, will not slip. All function keys of the humidifier card keys are not allowed, to be flexible.

3, check the humidifier noise and vibration. Humidifier noise and vibration are not too large.

4, check the electrical characteristics of the humidifier. Check whether the power cord and plug specification, if loose.

5, check the humidifier accessories and service. Check the warranty cards, certificates and instructions are complete.

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