The correct use of humidifier tips

in the humidifier during use there will always be problems such as: humidifier has been open, and why humidifying effect is not ideal?

humidifier where the right? if you need to close doors and Windows when used?

to solve these problems in the sorting out matters needing attention

in order to get good humidification effect, purchase to comprehensively take into account climate, room size and amount of humidification humidifier, and other factors.

live in windy drying area or room is large, humidification capacity needed to be larger. Humidifying machine note that the humidity control low humidity makes the skin tight, dry, prone to bronchitis, flu, rhinitis and other respiratory diseases.

but high humidity also affect water balance with the environment, makes people feel oppressed. Measured humidity to 40%RH~60%RH people feel the most fit and most conducive to health. Therefore, the best selection of humidifier with automatic humidity function, only when the indoor humidity is lower than the standard range, the machine will start humidification, is reducing the amount of fog above this range until it stops humidification.

If you use the humidifier without automatic humidity function, it is best to put a hygrometer indoor, to keep informed of the air humidity and adjust humidifier working conditions according to the humidity.

on humidifier maintenance problem:

humidifier 0.5 m~1.5 m high to be installed on a flat, stable, to keep away from heat, corrosion, and furniture,

avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Not use frozen, if you experience problems should be immediately shut down.

to clean the humidifier once a week, cleaning machines may not be placed in water. Wash water temperature must not exceed 50 degrees centigrade.


humidifier taboo questions:

(1) the humidifier has different requirements for water quality, such as pure humidifying machine with pure water, ultrasonic humidifier is best to use purified or distilled water, electric heating humidifier with ordinary water.

(2) is not the humidification capacity bigger is better, and should be kept between 40%~60%RH, amount of humidification humidifier control between 300~350 mL per hour.

(3) the water in the humidifier water tank at any time may run out while idling do burn damage to the machine, so try to use products with automatic protection function of water shortage, while usually observed water of the water tank, to supply in a timely manner.