Ultrasonic humidifier for household use in contrast to wet-membrane humidifier

ultrasonic humidifier with ultrasonic water into small water molecules floating in the air, thereby increasing the humidity. Sonic humidifier has the advantage, wet strength, wet uniform humidification efficiency high energy saving, energy saving, and long service life, humidity automatic balancing, automatic protection without water; disadvantage is has certain requirements for water quality, it is best to use distilled water or purified water for humidification.

pure humidifier is through evaporation of molecular sieve technology, while air humidification, clean air, then by a pneumatic device will wet the clean air to the Interior, thereby enhancing the ambient humidity. Pure humidifier has the advantage of not subject to water restrictions, no fog, wet more evenly than normal humidification efficiency increased by more than 30%, especially for the elderly, families with children. Disadvantage is the price is relatively high. Prior to purchase, should according to the above mentioned points with your situation and need to choose a humidifier, do not have to buy the best, but be sure to buy your very own.

humidifier maintenance notes

1. humidifier flat in 0.5-1.5 meters high on a flat, stable, preferably Rotary spray, to keep away from heat, corrosion, and furniture, avoid exposure to direct sunlight. If you buy of not rotating type of spray head of humidifier, has may Dang spray than air of temperature low of when, will playing wet you of floor, programme can: put machine put in ventilation bulk fog fast of place, put in a meters high of stool Shang, and don't put in a not ventilation of place, more don't directly put machine put in floor Shang, such fog on has been to a direction sank, that direction of floor on will playing wet has, you also can adjustable small some Oh, may put water temperature put high some of, such fog temperature also high some, Such fog won't be sinking, but the highest water temperature is not above 40 degrees. 2. do not touch the water or empty container. Moving to water out of the tank, not upside down. 4. the use of water at 40 degrees below, joining other types of chemicals (except special essential oils). 5. According to their own requirements for humidity, adjust the spray volume and temperature and humidity values. 6. not use frozen, if you experience problems should be immediately shut down. 7. to clean the humidifier once a week, cleaning machines may not be placed in water. Wash water temperature must not exceed 50 degrees centigrade. 8. no detergent, kerosene, alcohol, cleaning and parts of the fuselage. Do not disassemble parts. 9. clean the transducer with a soft brush; the sink with a soft cloth, once in two weeks; the sensor with a soft cloth; two or three times after cleaning the water tank can be filled with water sloshing out. 10. If it is used in the northern region, because of the hard water, it is recommended that the humidifier is equipped with a water filter may choose their own humidifier with filters, water softening humidifier water again as possible, perhaps by cold water injection.