Wet-membrane humidifier wet material selection considerations

recently, with wet film humidifier using of increasingly universal, wet film material of select also increasingly for people by concern, for convenient design personnel and user of right using, I company special will abroad wet film of using situation and the performance analysis summary following:
a, and composite type wet film material (Note: the species material in United States, and Australia, application widely, currently in domestic also get widely application)

life 8-10 years (Note: air dust degrees high Shi on its effect small)
saturated efficiency value high, that added wet performance good
has can repeatedly cleaning since clean performance
resistance dust, and anti-mold effect good
absorbent can better
limit wind speed <4.5M/s
resistance air temperature <149OC
mechanical strength high
Description: in United States, people on itself of health extremely attention, So the health indicators require very high humidification. Due to the composite-type wet dust-proof and mildew effect, with available tap water again and wet cleaning self-cleaning features (not only steam-cleaned like a glass fibre),
in the United States and Australia are widely used, and has Japan mass use. In China, due to poor outdoor air quality, after years of application, we believe that the complex wet film more suitable for domestic.

Second, white composite fire wet materials

fire performance
life 8-10
saturation efficiency high absorbent
with repeated cleaning self-cleaning properties
-resistant dust, mildew-proof effect
water absorption better limit wind speed <6m/s
/> <149OC
air temperature-resistant high strength
Description: this kind of material is a common compound of wet materials improved, not only has good resistance to fire and water absorption (also known as porosity) greatly increased, greatly improving the water-saving effect of drainage!

three, and glass fiber type wet film material (Note: the species material original in European using more widely, but recently began reduced) life 8-10 years (Note: air dust degrees high Shi its life will significantly reduced)

saturated efficiency value high, that added wet performance good
absorbent can good
limit wind speed <6m/s
resistance air temperature <149OC
fire performance good
material itself more crisp, easy broken, And glass fiber dust on human harmful, so recently using increasingly reduced
pore larger, air in the dust drill into Hou cannot clear, easy produced mold, pollution air
Description: past in European, the species material using more, but recently with States health index of constantly improve, the species material easy growth old bacteria and the glass fiber easy broken tied people of problem increasingly by people attention, so recently using increasingly reduced.

four, and metal thorn hole wet film (Note: currently only in domestic I has using)

sucking water performance poor
limit wind speed <2.5M/s
fire performance good, mechanical strength high
saturated efficiency low, that added wet performance poor
five, and Japan wet film (Note: the products in domestic very less see)

material soft, and mechanical strength low, so only used multiple small block assembled
in Japan Organization production, delivery cycle long < BR/> maintenance needs special cleaning agents, and into the wet patches to remove the cleaning fluid in the cleaning process is complicated!